I FINALLY RODE AN ELEPHANT!!! My goal in Thailand was to get on an elephant, it’s been one of my dreams FOREVER and i finally got to do it! Anyways this weekend i went to Kanchanaburi which is a town about 2 hours away from Bangkok. We took the train, which is probably what you are imagining right now… not comfortable…but it was really cheap. Once we got there we went to the VN Guesthouse which is an amazing hotel next to the river that cost me $2.5 a night…yup!! that night we just chilled and played cards all night long. I went on this trip with 7 other people from school and it was nice to get to know new people! The next day we went to the The Erawan Waterfalls, which is huge waterfall right next to the town. It has 7 steps to the waterfall and OMG to get to the 6th one, i had become a waterfall of sweat… but it was sooo beautiful. We were the only ones on the 6th step of the waterfall and the water was so refreshing and it so relaxing. Apart from the fish in the water… i dont know if anyone of you have ever gotten a fish spa, but this was exactly like it but worst. At the fish spa, it’s little fish that nibble at the dead skin on your feet but in these waterfalls, it was huge fish nibbling at your feet and it was freaky. Anyways so that was saturday. we literally spent the whole day at the waterfalls and i was so tired when we got back to the hotel. Sunday was the fun fun day! we schedule this elephant riding/bathing tour!! In the morning a taxi came to pick us up at our hotel and took us to the elephant place. First we sat on a chair that was on the elephant and took a 20 min ride around this park. Let me tell you…i was glad that the seat had a bar in front of it otherwise i would have fallen of that elephant( Kumu, that was her name). So after 20 mins, the elephant guy tells us that we can sit on the elephants’ neck so i went first and sat on that neck. which first of all, getting of that chair and onto the neck was almost suicidal for me. and then sitting on the elephant was amazing but scary as well cause it isn’t a smooth ride and the only thing i could of grabbed if i fell was Kumu’s ears…which i wasn’t about to do… After the little ride around the park. Cristina, Hannah , Justine and I went into the river with the elephants for the “elephant bathing” part…it was more like the “human bathing” part. I was on the elephant with Hannah and OMG i was holding on to her cause i kept almost sliding off…. and the elephant guy kept telling the Kumu to spray us with water….i was drenched… Cristina called it elephant waterboarding… but it was so much fun!! I posted pictures of the trip! hope you enjoy cause i sure did!


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