Vietnam: Vung Tau/ Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam was amazing. I went with another MBA student named Monika and we did SO much. So let me start from the start:

Friday night: I went over to Monika’s to crash at her place so that we could take a taxi to the airport together. We planned on sleeping till 4am and then catching a taxi but we just ended up staying up all night and chilling with a bunch of the other exchange students…as fun as that was, I was dead the next day.

Saturday: We got to the airport around 5am and our flight didn’t leave till 7 so we crashed on a couple couches for an hour, then got on the plane and slept the whole way there (I don’t remember taking off or landing). Once in Vietnam (YAY!!), we went to the “landing visa” counter and paid 20 Euros each for a one month, one entry visa. Then when we were finally out of the airport we took a taxi to the bus depot (oh by the way, we landed in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s one of the biggest cities in Vietnam). So anyways we get to the bus place and get a ticket for a bus to Vung Tau (a beach city), the bus left almost right away and it took us about 4 hours to get there (even though they said it would take us two…) So we get there around 230pm and check in to our hotel! We got upgraded to a suite!! I think it was because they didn’t remember our reservation and didn’t have the room we booked. So then we went to the beach…. we were the only foreigners so we were the main attraction there. I felt over exposed in my bathing suit because in Vietnam they go swimming fully clothed, like with jeans and sweaters… Anyways so that was Saturday…I slept really well that night.

Sunday: Sunday was a beach day…. well almost. There’s a big Jesus statue in Vung Tau like the one in Brazil so we decided to walk there first and then go to the beach. Turned out to be an hour walk, which was actually really nice cause we were next to the sea. Once we got to Jesus we had to walk up a MOUNTAIN to get there…. that was super fun… But the view from up there was amazing. Then we finally went to the beach. This was a different beach from the previous day, it was sooo much nicer. So in Vietnam they have a beach system. Depending on what part of the beach you’re on, you have different prices to pay for a chair and umbrella. So we got our little chairs and umbrella and went swimming. The water was SOO nice., like the beach looks like a beach you would see on a post card. It looks like heaven on a beach. I got SO sunburned though, my back looked like a tomato… Again, we were the main attraction on the beach. This family with 3 boys came and sat next to us, and let me tell you, Vietnamese boys are pretty good looking….but they look sooo young. I went swimming with one of the boys but as much as I thought he was cute, I couldn’t get past the fact that he might be 14…weird…. He said he was 25 but NO WAY. After the beach we went back to the hotel and went to this really nice Vietnamese restaurant that has seafood. When we got there it was really nice( oh by the way we took motorcycle taxis there) . They have little ponds at this restaurant with live seafood and whenever you order your seafood, they go in the pond and take it out….it was sad to see those fish head for the kitchen but they tasted soo good!

Monday: We got on  the bus back to Ho Chi Minh City that morning(it only took 2 hours this time, but I thought I was going to die at least 4 times..). There we checked into our hotel, which was prime location. We then went to the big market they have there and Monika finally bought her Vietnamese hat she had been wanting. This is a side note: Vietnamese people have in my opinion better customer service than the Thai’s , they like to take care of you and they are very eager to help. But at markets, Vietnamese grab your arm to get your attention and harass you a lot more than at Thai markets…I just thought I should mention this. Okay so where was I. After the market we just went to the grand palace, which wasn’t very special. It looked very boring a dull and modern… i’m only saying this because I’ve been to the grand palace in Thailand and that is something I will never forget.

Tuesday: This was a really busy day, we went to the Vietnam War museum and that was very powerful. There were a bunch of very graphic pictures and a lot of interesting documents. I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Vietnam. After the museum we walked around and visited other things, oh and we went to a water puppet show that night! That was really interesting and I was a lot more excited at first but I ended up sitting behind this guy who decided to film the whole thing so I think I ended up seeing about an eighth of the show.

Wednesday: I left for the airport at 5 and arrived in Bangkok around 11am… back to the hard life of going to school.


Oh I forgot!!! I had Pho in Vietnam and it was amazing!!!! We went to a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City that is famous for having President Clinton come to eat Pho there. I had Pho both nights in Ho Chi Minh City and I’ve been craving it ever since.


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