Got a job? Who knew.

For the past month, I have been working at Funky Femme, a retail store that sales trendy women’s clothing. I didn’t initially come to Sydney thinking I was going to get a job, until I just walked in a store one day and was offered one. If you plan on getting a job in Sydney, honestly you will not have any trouble finding one. Sydney thrives on international students doing jobs in retail, bars, food shops, ect. All you have to do is apply for a Tax ID, which takes five minutes online, get a bank account for some jobs, which is a lot easier here than getting one in America – have your passport in hand and you will be in the bank for literally ten minutes – and then walk in with your resume, and most likely you will get a call very shortly.



  • I can afford all the trips I plan on going to here! While yes, I am taking care of business at school, planning little day trips and HUGE spring break trips and UniGames has all been possible because of this extra money.


  • Although I have NEVER worked in retail in my life, I literally make $20 an hour and $23 on weekends. Remember that’s in AUD, which is even more in USD; plus, paying for flights and trip activities comes out a lot cheaper when paying in Australian currency!


  • They KNOW I am an international student and want time off to lay at the beach, go out, spend time with new friends. I just tell them a week in advance and even if I am scheduled, I just let them know I am not really keen to working that day – they take me off the schedule quickly!


  • I have not spent much on trendy Australian clothing at all since I have been here – huge store discounts for employees! So find something you like – sushi, ice cream, surfing equipment, it will only save you even a little more money.


  • I have definitely enjoyed watching and interacting with Australians in my shop. Being an exchange student, you will most likely end up hanging out with a lot of fellow exchange students during your time abroad, which is not a bad thing at all – I pretty much have someone in every states that I can go visit and crash at their place – but having a job gives you yet another chance to venture out and meet new people preferably the people you came here to interact with!

New Friends

  • Of course I have met many people outside of my job, but getting to know the people I work with has been so much fun. One of them is even one of my best friends out here!

The benefits of my job have definitely outweighed any consequences I have because I have this job. There have only been two times that I have missed out on anything because of it, and trust me I would have missed out on even more if I didn’t have the extra money I have now with my job! Having over $400 deposited into your account every Friday for working twenty hours a week will be well worth it; your parents will probably appreciate it as well! Plus, the shopis pretty fun, check it out! 


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