First day of Class

Yesterday i had my first two classes! As you can see in this splendid picture, we have to wear our uniform to class everyday… My first class was supposed to be at 2 but at 11pm the night before i got an email from Narisa(or Mama Pam as everyone likes to call her), saying that she had added me to the marketing tourism class i had asked her about! So I woke up bright and early(730am), to get ready for class. Wearing the uniform is enpowering. People on the street seem to smile a lot more(eventhough everyone here smiles all the time), and you get discounts if you wear your uniform. So i walked out to head to the pier to catch the boat and no joke EVERYONE was staring at me. I don’t know if it was because i was a non-thai person wearing the uniform, or if i just had something on my face that day. Oh and by the way: taking the boat to class is AWESOME! I mean most people say “i have to catch the bus”, which sounds like a drag but ‘i have to catch the boat”, now thats awesome!

So on to how class was, well it was very interesting. Let me just give you a little background on how classes are here. They are mostly half thai half exchange students(at least for my classes), and all my proffessors are Thai(but speak english). Okay so i meet up with about 5 other exchange students on the campus and we go get a coffee before class. Our class “started” at 930, so us being good students and wanting to no seem like slackers(cause apparently that’s what Thai students think of us), we get to class at 925. The prof was already there and at 930 there were about 15 students in class.. So i expected class to start at 930, but no…the prof just kind of waited there for 20 minutes and started at 950… apparently this happens alot here. Oh and one more thing about the classes. I feel like it’s segregated. All the Thai’s sit together and all the exchange students sit together. so the class is split in half. Although during our break we did get to meet everyone and the Thai students seemed very nice.

So one of my classes is Marketing tourism, and that class seems very interesting. We have guest lecturers throughout the semester and our grade depends on two big presentations/papers and a final. The prof seems really nice and his english is good however it will take me a while to get used to his accent. My second class of the day was Consumer Makerting. The prof in this class reminds me of someone who drinks a lot of red bull, she’s so excited about teaching and she’s very happy! Hopefully that will make the 3 hours of lecture every week go by faster. So for both of the classes we have group projects and we had to form our groups yesterday. It seems like all the exchange students are in groups together and the same goes for the Thais..

Overall it’s been a great first day. I was supposed to have two classes today(friday) but it’s the queens birthday so no class and my class tomorrow morning got cancelled as well. Anyways. Life here is AMAZING! Eventhough there are always a lot of people on the streets and everything is very busy, there’s a sense of peace everywhere.

I’ve added a couple more pictures that i took yesterday! Enjoy! Oh I forgot to tell you! I’m getting my first Thai massage tonight!!!


2 thoughts on “First day of Class

  1. Hey Margaux!!!

    I am totally following your blog since I’ll be leaving to Bangkok in January!
    All your posts seem like you’re having a GREAT time, how exciting! 🙂
    Definitely can’t wait to get there now!

    Oh just wondering, how many classes did you sign up for on your application?

    – Dolly

    1. i signed up for 5 but only ended up taking 4. i would recommend signing up for 5-6 and trying to group them so you dont have class all week. during orientation youll find out which classes you got and if you got all 6 only take 4.

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