Studying WHILE Abroad – Questionable?

The title might or might not be a good description of how Uni (what they call college here) has been going for me. Yes, of course travel and experiencing Sydney has been on the top of my priority list, but don’t mistake me. I actually have been keeping up with school. Unlike the states, in my two business courses I am taking there are not many assignments to do, which is good and bad in a way 🙂 I am also taking two Aboriginal studies classes, and those have been quite interesting. However, when I tell my Aussie friends I am taking those, they don’t even know they exist and just laugh at me. I guess that’s why they encourage international students to take them!

The grading system is completely difference here as well. They make much lower grades here that a McComb’s student would obvisouly freak out about if they were to receive. However, they transfer back on an equivalent level so hopefully it will work out.

Also, in each class there is a one tutorial and one lecture for each class normally. NOONE shows up to lecture because basically you won’t listen to it and they read off the slides (which they post on blackboard). Tutorials are mandatory though – you must attend 80% of them or you will FAIL…harsh I know. But you learn everything in your tutorial which is extremely helpful, because it is much more of a small classroom setting.

Other than that, school is super laid back. I did my first partner assignment in my marketing elective class and my partner told me everything I was saying we needed to do didn’t matter. If we didn’t have a perfectly grammatical paper at McCombs, cited correctly, with a reference list, a certain font, specific margins, page numbers, ect. (you get the picture, you’re a McCombsian) we would probably fail. So it’s been nice not really worrying about absolute perfection.

Last week was also Foundation Day, the day UNSW was founded. Pretty much, it was a big party. People were dressed up in random costumes, playing random games, DJs all across campus with people bringing alcohol to them and pitchers of beer to lectures. Drinking beer is an Aussie past-time – but unlike in the United States they know how to do it casually. There are actually two bars on campus people catch beers at between classes. Needless to say, foundation day was a blast and all of the clubs had their own set-up of some sort of game/activity!

Here are a few pictures of my day…..before I lost my camera at the surf weekend!


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