First Pad Thai/ Wat Arun(Temple of Dawn)

Today was awesome! For those who know me, you know i LOVE pad thais! I got my first one at this street vendor today and it tasted sooo good! and it only cost 40 baht( about $1.5), try getting one in the US for that price! Anyways, it was heaven in my mouth…that’s the only words i can use to fully describe how good it was. I also had my first coconut juice. I normally don’t like coconut but this was good. The man just chopped up the top and put a straw through it!!! Again it only cost 25 baht…everything is so cheap here!

Apart from an amazing Pad Thai, I met up with a couple girls from Germany who are also studying here. Their names are Sandra and Hannah. We went to Wat Arun, which is a really nice temple(it’s called the temple of dawn). I can start describing how beautiful it was, everything had so much detail. There were monks all around and the place seemed so peaceful. We climbed to the top of the temple, which was a hike…i’ve never seen stairs so steep before, it was pretty scary(especially when you had to go down). Here are pictures, I hope you enjoy because it was amazing!


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