So these past 2 days have been CRAZY!!! We had orientation yesterday and it was soooo long. First we had orientation for all international students and then for business students. One of the presenters was american, but i guess he’s been teaching here for 15 years. He was hilarious. He told us how we should dress around Thailand, and that wearing our uniform(….) would get us discounts all over Thailand. That’s pretty cool even though everything here is dirt cheap. He also told us that foreigners have a reputation of: being lazy, not wearing bras(!!! Like who just walks around town without a bra on?!!), being promiscous, and not dressing respectively.. which i have one comment about the dressing part: There are a lot of Thai girls that wear outfits during the day that are not appropriate, so it’s not just foreigners.

So today was really fun! there was a pool party at one of the student apartments so i got to hang out with all of them. It was kind of far to get there though. I had to take the boat and then a taxi.

Oh but here are the highlights of my day:

-I FINALLY got a phone, and it’s set in english. I havent used it yet but i plan on it!

-I went to the market with 100 Baht(about $4), and got a bunch of different things, i had no clue what they were… I put some pictures up for you guys!!!


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