First day in Bangkok!

So, today has been CRAZY!!! It still hasn’t sunk in that I am going to be in Bangkok for the next 5 months. Anyways, I got here last night and I think i’ve slept a total of 8 hours in the past 3 days…. My first impression of Bangkok: there are soooo many skyscrapers. Like no joke, they are everywhere.

So today I went to the university of talk with the exchange coordinator, Narisa. I thought I’d be taking a taxi, or bus there but no…. I took a boat. The school is right next to the river and it’s really really cheap to get there by boat. Once I got to the school I met, a bunch of the exchange students. Most of them are from Europe but I did meet one from California. We all went uniform shopping together…yes I did say uniform. We have to wear a black skirt, white button down with special school buttons, and a brown belt. Now let me tell you how hard it is to put those buttons on a button down. It took me 30 mins to sow them on…. I met with Narisa who told me I got all the classes I signed up for!! Apparently I’m one of the few who got all my classes!

I had to go visit the apartment I am moving into this Friday and that was quite a trip. First, Narisa spent an hour drawing out a map for me and telling me what bus to get on. But let s just say it was not that easy. I got on the bus, and showed my map to the driver who smirked at me cause I probably looked lost. I got off at the stop he told me to get off at (keep in mind, he did not speak a word of English and I do not speak a word of Thai). Once off the bus is where the trouble started. I walked up and down 2 streets for an hour trying to find the East Bank Residence….. I asked five people(all non English speaking) for directions and I swear they all told me to go in different directions….However, everyone is soo nice here! Even though I don’t speak Thai, all the locals have been willing to help me out( we just communicate with a lot of hand language). My way back to the hotel was very interesting. I got on a boat, which I thought would take me to the hotel, but turns out it took me to the other side of the river…. and then I had to go back to the original side to get on the right boat. Let me just tell you, those boat drivers are pretty darn good. It’s not like the river is flat, there is a lot of current and a bunch of other boats.

So this is it for my first entry in Thailand, Ill make sure to take a picture of me in my uniform so everyone can have a laugh. Oh , one final thought: it smells really weird here. It’s a mixture of rotten eggs and seawater….. I hope I get used to it…..


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