The adventures continue…

Dang, I’ve been here for almost a month already. Time is flying by…I guess I’m having too much fun. Apologies for not posting for a while, somehow we used up our allotted internet in like 2.5 weeks last month so I was without internet at our house for a while.

Where to begin……I’m just going to go through my camera pictures to remember what I’ve done since the last post. My buddies Neil, David, and I went on a hike up Signal Hill which is surprisingly close to campus. Took us about 10 minutes to walk there from our flats, the trail started behind a high school and the first part of the hike was a really cool downhill biking path…looked fairly dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. The hike didn’t start out too promising – there were a bunch of fallen trees on the path and we could hear other trees creaking like they were about to fall too.

Once we got to the first peak, there was a neat little pond that overlooked the city.

The top of the mountain was just a concrete overlook of the city with some cool looking statues…we found out after we got up there that there was a road that goes all the way to the top, so we hitchhiked to the bottom with a nice man that had studied in Michigan for the last 4 years.

The crew at the top of Signal Hill. Otago Peninsula and Dunedin in the background.

We got him to drop us off at Baldwin Street – the steepest street in the world according to Guinness. The picture doesn’t do it much justice, but it’s fairly steep:

That night (I think, judging by pictures) was my neighbor Robyn’s birthday. We had a paint balloon fight outside of their house…the aftermath:

That weekend a couple of us ended up going to the Dunedin Casino. It was pretty weak, but we had a lot of fun and I only blew $25 including drinks (I luckily made back $20 on a slot machine right before we left to cut my losses). They didn’t let us take pictures inside so this is all I got ha. Walking up the stairs.

During the week we ended up doing a tour of the Speights Brewery which is fairly close, within walking distance at least. It was an alright tour, but the best part was at the end they put us in a room for 30 minutes and it was all you can drink from the taps…we had a good time.

My neighbor Matt was at this spot for most of the 30 mins ha

The crew we went with – good times

The next weekend we rented a car and checked out all the cool spots (beaches, hikes, etc.) around Dunedin. We had to borrow our neighbors car to pick it up from the airport about 30 minutes away, but the “Jucy mobile” as we called it (the name of the rental place is Jucy) was so worth all the hassle. Our first stop was at Sandfly Bay, which is on the Otago Peninsula fairly close to us. It was beautiful…I could post 20 or so photos of it, but check out my Facebook if you really want to see all of them.


The sand was real soft and we saw some sea lions up close…a little too close maybe. We found an awesome launch pad that they were jumping off of for a solid 20 minutes. I was so bummed I couldn’t jump because of my knee…it looked like a lot of fun:

After Sandfly, we went to the Chasm/Lover’s Leap hike about 5 miles down the road. But first…Jucy mobile pic from the parking lot:

On the hike…

Thought this picture was cool. Almost to the “chasm”

The chasm – huuuuge cliff dropoff into the ocean that you can’t really see from the pic. Real intense

Jess being a champ. You can’t really tell from the pic but the other side of that rock she’s on was like a 100+ foot drop.

And this is Lover’s Leap which was just down the trail a couple hundred meters. It’s crazy how there’s so many unique, beautiful things so close together.

And on a completely different topic, here’s a picture of some naked rugby players (including a girl) after their game…the only “safe” picture I got. That’s the brand new stadium for the Rugby World Cup in the background by the way…

And now for legit rugby. We went to the New Zealand “All Blacks” vs. Fiji game on July 22nd. Lots of fun.

Some of us before the game

Reppin’ the Kiwis

My pictures didn’t come out very clear at the game, but here’s one of my roomate Jeff, Neil, and his kiwi host Ashleigh.

Some of us at the game

Another one of our Jucy mobile adventures was to Tunnel Beach, but unfortunately the day we went it was snowing (the most snow in Dunedin in 16 years apparently…I think it’s similar to Austin in that they rarely ever get snow/the city basically shuts down when they do).

Walking down there…

Me chillin on the tunnel beach rocks

After we went down through the “tunnel”

Funny Penguin sign on the way to the edge of the Peninsula to “see” albatross(es?) after Tunnel Beach (we didn’t actually end up seeing any)

Edge of Peninsula looking for albatross

We just ended up going into the Albatross center…Jessika posing under one.

Here’s a picture of campus the day after it snowed

Last week was the Cadbury Chocolate Festival…all we went to was the Jaffa (little chocolate balls) Race at Baldwin Street.

There they go (the orange blob). Released 25,000 of them from the top of the street. You could “buy” one for a buck and if yours won the race you got like $2,000 or something.

Neil, Ashleigh, and I at the Jaffa Race

This past weekend we went on an EPIC hike at Mount Cargill. I got some awesome pictures…so bear with me ha

Neil at the Organ Pipes – all the rocks were somehow columnar (?) and you could see so much of the countryside…it was amazing

The crew on top of the Organ Pipes

All of us on top of Organ Pipes…the lady that took this picture scared the crap out of me when I first got up there. Definitely wasn’t expecting to see anyone.

That’s the view of Mt Cargill from the Organ Pipes

A view from the Organ Pipes (the plane flew pretty close by us)

On the way up to Butter’s Peak

Us on top of Butter’s Peak

Neil and Jessika posing on top of Butter’s Peak

Neil knows how to take some real badass pictures

Reppin’ Texas

Me at the top of Butter’s Peak

All of us finally at the top of Mount Cargill.

And finally a random picture from us raging at my neighbor’s 21st birthday at a bar she rented out:

Funny story about this night. We went to another bar after the birthday party and when I was about to walk in the bouncer goes “Excuse me sir, you’re going to have to take off that tie before you go in.” I was just like “are you kidding me, why would I have to take the tie off…?” and he said that sometimes people use ties as weapons to strangle people or something – real weird/funny.

Well that’s all I got for now, hope you enjoy the pics. I’m lovin’ it here.

I miss all my fam and friends, see yall in a couple months.


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