Beware of the Lions

At Bocconi, there is a tradition to never walk in the middle of the huge marble lions, that sit at the entrance of one of the main building. At least not until you graduate. And this is taken seriously! Because if you do dare to step between them as you enter or exit the building, you will be cursed for the rest of your time at Bocconi and run the risk of not graduating, at all!

This same goes for visiting the top of the Duomo. If you are a Bocconi student, do not do it until you have graduated.

Bocconi students swear by stories of colleagues not graduating only because they walked through the lions. It’s obvious this superstition is taken to heart as during the year, people cram into the side doors like sardines, in order to avoid the cursed lions.

It’s good to know small superstitions like this one so you can avoid looking like an obvious stranieri (foreigner) from the start.



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