I made it…

Well I’ve been super busy since I got to Dunedin. Bear with me as this post might sound like a lot of rambling…I’m just trying to remember all the things I’ve done since I left.

I had a great last night in Austin – went downtown with a bunch of my good friends and some family. Then my parents took me to the airport in the morning to say their final goodbyes:

Got to LA where my buddy Luke picked me up from the airport…LA traffic is the worst but the weather was super nice. Got some much needed In N Out, one of the greatest restaurants ever. I got a double double, animal fries, and a Neapolitan shake…definitely didn’t know it was an option until Luke ordered it. Not the healthiest of meals, but it was delicious:

Then Luke took me to Venice Beach which was really cool, saw a bunch of crazy bikes and biker gangs:

Oh and Luke’s dog Franklin is one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever met, he’s a wild one:

After the beach, we went to a club in LA – The Roxbury…it was bumpin’. One of Luke’s buddies was a well known promoter or something so we got free bottle service all night. Dangerous.

Walking down Hollywood Blvd. was really cool, came across this gem:

The flight from LAX to Auckland really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, it was about 13 hours but I slept through most of it…probably because I lucked out and got an exit row seat with unlimited legroom. Oh and guess who the star of the Air New Zealand safety videos was….none other than Richard Simmons. It was hilarious, it’s worth taking a look. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iaTEgoezNQ)

When we landed in Dunedin all the grass was frosted over, which kind of freaked me out. But the weather here really hasn’t been bad at all, it’s in the 50’s during the day but it’s sunny so it’s nice. New Zealand is beautiful. Lots of hills and grass and great views. The Otago campus is really neat too, a lot of the buildings are old gothic style and theres a river that runs through the entire campus.


I’m living on Castle Street about a 5 minute walk from campus. I’ve heard some crazy stories about my street (couch burning, riots). My “flat” is awesome (nicer than most of the other kids houses) and I like all my roomates so far, my “kiwi host” gets here on Sunday. The house is very cold though since there’s no central heating…basically only our living room is semiwarm. You can see your breath inside most of the time. Apparently electricity is really expensive here so we have to turn off outlets/close doors/only run the heater when we’re in the room which will take some getting used to but it’s whatever.

Everything here is quite a bit more expensive…sorry mom and dad. All of the international kids I’ve met so far have been really cool, I’m meeting a ton of people everyday. We had an orientation thing and the mayor came to talk to us. Last night they had a party at one of the bars for all of the international kids which was really fun, today we’re going on a train ride through the mountains. Should be a good photo op.

So far I’ve mostly been walking all over town trying to buy everything I need/get all my errands done (18+ ID, open bank account, get a new phone, register for classes, grocery shop, etc.).

I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff I’m forgetting right now but I will edit it and add stuff as I remember. Miss everyone and I hope yall have a fun summer in the ATX.


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