Cinque Terre- a piece of heaven

The beauty of Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera

And one weekend four exchange students from America, Bulgaria, Poland, and France went to Cinque Terre.

We hiked across five towns situated on the most beautiful coast line I have ever witnessed.


Tip #1: When you come to Italy, travel to Cinque Terre!!! This means, the best time to travel to Italy is between April and mid-June.

Tip #2: Bring comfortable shoes! It is not what I would call a pleasant hike in terms of the path itself. The view is most definitely pleasant, though.

Tip #3: Come prepared with plenty of water and be mentally prepared to walk up over 400 steps of narrow, rocky, and steep steps.

Tip #4: Check out what trails might be closed before the trip. Some routes could be closed for maintenance in which case you could take the “Regionale” train, but it does feel more accomplishing to hike the entire track.

Tip #5: Bring cash, some trails require a fee payment. And girls, there are some random jewelry stands in the middle of the trails, so the cash might come in handy to buy some hand-made earrings or bracelets. 🙂

Tip #6: Bring sunblock! The whole track takes about 5 hours at a good pace, in the open air, barely any shade……. once again, 5 straight hours in the sun- sunblock is a good idea.

Tip #7: Have as much available memory space on your camera as possible because there are way too many picture opportunities! This place is a piece of heaven. 🙂


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