BBA Photo Contest Displays International Experiences

Written by Excerpt taken from McCombs Today

“A new language, exposure to cultural differences and lots of travel. That’s just some of what the 75 undergraduates who spent their fall 2010 semester studying in another country experienced during their time away from the Forty Acres.

“They all took business classes — at least two, most more than that — at our 28 partner schools in 23 countries,” says Leah Miller, director of BBA international programs at McCombs.

In 2010, more than a third of McCombs BBA students — 37 percent — had an international experience, which included treks to an average of four additional countries beyond their host destination. That adds up to a lot of international exposure, some of which is captured in photos submitted to the BBA Study Abroad Photo Contest. Read on for the perspectives of the student photographers, and check out the McCombs BBA Study Abroad Blog for updates from some of the 58 students currently experiencing life outside the U.S.”

See the complete BBA Photo Contest Displays International Experiences story at McCombs Today.


One thought on “BBA Photo Contest Displays International Experiences

  1. In this photo gallery you mention the different cultures of different countries.I appreciate your effort.Really I like your photo galleries.Its truly colorful and inspiring

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