Norwegian Weather

I came to Norway and it was about -25 degrees Celsius now  we’ve finally hit the +degrees! Temperatures have been at about +8 degrees Celsius and it is HEAVEN. You honestly do get used to the cold temperatures quick because even though +8 isn’t that hot it feels fantastic. There was no snow falling for about two weeks, even though there is snow everywhere. And just when my friends and I thought the snow would finally be gone we jinxed ourselves. Two days ago it snow and everything got covered. The weather is pretty crazy. Yesterday it rained and today was foggy. Sunny days in Norway are really nice and I can’t wait to see green grass! Locals claim the snow won’t be gone until June though. I hope they lied.

The snow is finally melting, there is slush everywhere. The only disadvantage to melting snow is that when it rains or gets cold again the slush turns to ice and we’re slipping everywhere. If you decide to come to Norway bring boots with good soles. Mine have a pretty good grip but they’re starting to rip and fade. Nonetheless I love it here and I have made wonderful friends who make sure I don’t break a leg every time I slip on the ice. 🙂


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