Buongiorno Milano!

ciao ragazzi! (Hey guys!)

A beautiful, sunny day in Milan. People biking, rollerblading, jogging, eating gelato, and it’s still winter! Usually Sundays are dead days, but today, there’s a lot of energy in this city. Less cars, more bicycles, less heavy winter coats, more sunglasses. The fountains are glistening with sunlight. It’s as if Spring is right around the corner, but weather here is tricky. Next week could be once again the harsh below zero temperatures. Either way, today is a beautiful day in Milan, a city that in my opinion is much under appreciated. Italians themselves are the harshest critics, claiming that Milan is “ugly” and nothing more than a cold city that they only bare for the sake of work. But after having spent just one semester here, I know that this is far from the truth, and I’m looking forward to spending another term in this great city!

A presto! (‘Till next time!)   🙂

Typing my 1st blog post next to the Cadorna train station, at the city center


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