Jeg er i Oslo, Norge!

Finally out of the United States and in Norway. Oslo is such a great city. I already love it. The arrival here was a bit tough at first, not because I was having a hard time adjusting but because I brought too many things. Struggling with 2 suitcases, a backpack, and a purse was a bit tough. But soon enough I met BI International Student Association officers at Oslo Central Station and they took me to Kringsjå my new home.  I share a room with an exchange student from Singapore and a restroom with two other girls: one from Austria the other from Hong Kong. And I share a kitchen with people from France and Poland. The great thing about living in Kringsjå is that everyone in building 26 is an exchange student from BI so it is not difficult at all to make new friends. Aside from that, making new friends was even easier because the InSA officers organized an Introduction Week for us that consisted of bowling, ice skating, dancing, sightseeing and mingling where we got to meet everyone. All I can say is that my first week here was definitely fun and entertaining.

Life is definitely different in Norway. For one, the currency consists of Kroners that round off the cents to the nearest ‘whole Kroner.’ The smallest bill is 50 NOK so if you get 49 NOK back you will have a lot of coins! The T-bound is a train/metro that gets me to school, central station, and anywhere around Oslo. For about 60 dollars a month I can get on as much as I want. Another thing I have found very different in Norway are the prices. Food is a tad bit expensive but it’s matter of learning how to cook or finding good deals. A bag of frozen chicken can easily cost about 137 NOK which is 22 dollars. If you want good food here learn to cook!

I haven’t traveled out of the city yet but that is on my to do list. School already started last Wednesday and I already have 3 classes cancelled! So my traveling will start soon. I’ll post pictures soon!

By the way, did I mention it’s covered in snow here and there’s only 6 hours of sunlight? 😛


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