Case Competition in Hong Kong

A group of us UT students decided to enter a case competition here in Hong Kong by the CPA institute.  Luckily out of 176 teams who submitted a written report, we made it to the final round where finalists each give a 15 minute presentation.  After a lot of difficulty finding time to work on a case competition, we gave a great presentation and gained valuable insight into professionalism and showmanship in the Hong Kong business world.

When I think about what makes a good presentation, I think of clean concise slides, flowing and unforced speech, and staying friendly and professional, not cheesy or tacky.  I was amazed to see all the other teams give almost the same kind of presentation, completely opposite to all the norms or standards we learn and see in the US.  It was really fun to see how many teams forced in fun acronyms like SEED, CPU, and ACHIEVE (yeah they somehow force their topics in).  Or they made sample commercials using crazy sound effects and graphics of rockets and race cars.  It was really interesting to see just how different the standards are here.

Unfortunately we did not place in the top, apparently talking about Chinese business opportunities for banks in Hong Kong is like the most important thing in the case, our bad.  But we had tons of fun, got a great free lunch, and met some cool people.  I think the case competition will definitely be a highlight of my study abroad experience.


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