Traveling, Midterms, and Dance!

This blog is long overdue, but I have much to say about the adventures I have been having in Singapore! I cannot believe so much time has passed by, and I have less than two months left here before I head back home! 😦

In September, we had a week off from school called Recess Week, during which I traveled with some of the other exchange students to Bali, Indonesia! We had planned on staying in Bali for a few days, then heading to Yogyakarta for the rest of the week, but some of us loved Bali so much that we ended up staying there the whole week.  We stayed in a hotel near Kuta beach, and it was beauuuutiful! We frequented some of the nearby restaurants and salons so much that the locals became familiar with our faces and spoke to us each time we walked by. One restaurant owner even took pictures of us and printed them out for us as a memory token! We also spent one day going white water rafting and the scenery was amazing… we rafted down a river surrounded by mountains covered in greenery and beautiful flowers and plants. Another day we visited the volcano in Bali and went cycling through traditional Balinese villages on a mountain. It was a great cultural experience! We also went to Gilli Island one day, which is has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! I really enjoyed Bali and the people, food, and scenery were all amazinggg! I’m so glad I chose to go there for recess week!

Gilli Island
Gilli Island!

Rafting in Bali! 😀

After returning from Bali, it was time to really get crackin’ on schoolwork as midterm season had approached. Thankfully, I only had one midterm to study for, but I found the test pretty difficult! It was different from most other finance exams I have ever taken at UT, and it was only one hour long, but hopefully I did well! I also have a lot of work to do this month for group projects, which are very common here. Most of my groups are very cooperative and easy to work with though, so my projects are going well.  🙂

My dance group ❤



During the first week of October, I had a dance performance for the hip hop team that I joined here so I was extremely busy with dance practices almost every day for a while. I got to bond a lot with the locals that were in my dance group, and the dance team has been a great way to interact with locals since we all share a common interest for dance. Our performance was tons of fun and I’m really glad I have had the opportunity to dance on the team here! I’m going to miss them a lot when I go home.



I also took part in a 24-hour-long case competition here called Start-up @ Singapore. It was interesting and educational, but very tiring! My team consisted of myself and three other exchange students, all from different countries. We listened to lectures for about 8 hours the first day, and then had from 9pm to 7am to write up an executive summary of our business plan, and then pitched it to the judges at 11am the next morning.  Although we did not win, it was a great experience to take part in!

Overall, I have been having an amazing time here and I could not have asked for anything to be different (except of course, air conditioning in our room would be nice!).  I am trying to fill up the next few weeks with things I want to see and do in Singapore before it’s already time to go back. Time is flying by wayyyy to fast!



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