Midterms=time to start blogging

For some reason since I got to Hong Kong I have been putting off writing a blog post.  After my first week, I tried to write a post but I still could not comprehend everything going on during the whirlwind of traveling and settling in.  After  a month, there were too many things to talk about and I had no idea where to start.  But now, the pressure of midterms and hours alone studying has allowed me time to be reflexive and really get a grasp of my time so far during this study abroad.  Finally benefitting from pracrastination.

Now about HK.  What is strange about my time in the city is that I never felt out of place.  From my first few days in the city, I never got nervous about traveling to new parts of the city or interacting with strangers who did not speak English.  I could say that prior traveling experiences prepared me for the culture clash, but it seems more that Hong Kong is just a very accessible city.  I think anyone can come here and really experience the culture and people without feeling to0 alienated or out of place.  A part of me wished that I could have gone somewhere more foreign to really push myself, but then I went to Thailand and got my fill on that so I think Hong Kong was the perfect choice for my study abroad.

There have been so many amazing experiences and moments that I will remember for a long time during the last few weeks.  Along with that, there have been times when I really did question why I am here and if I made the right decision to come.  Most of that was due to the fact that it is my senior year and many of my friends are graduating and celebrating in Austin whereas I am on the other side of the world in the opposite time zone.  To make things worse, I won’t be back in Austin until after Spring Break due to my spring internship.  It really is hard be away from people for this long.  I miss picking up my phone and texting anyone when I feel like it.

I especially miss being somewhere familiar.  Everything here is just so new all of the time.  Whether it is something in class or going out in the city and completely getting lost, it gets a little cumbersome do deal with every day.  At the same time, that newness is refreshing and really motivates me to explore more and try new things.  This is the one chance I have to be completely immersed in something completely different than anything I know, and I intend on doing it with a positive outlook.  I wanted to study abroad to gain perspective on life and my future, and so far I have done that, and I hope it continues no matter how hard it is.

I think the main reason I have been reluctant to post is due to the fact that once I start looking back, I will realize how fast time flies.  In all honesty, I don’t know how I am going to leave this city in two months.  It is that amazing, and hopefully with my next posts I can share with you how great the city is and how much fun I am having.

and OMG the food!! So good!!!



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