Viva México

On September 16th Mexico celebrated its independence.  It was its 200th year of independence from Spain.  All over Mexico people would gather downtown, or with their family and friends and at 12:00 am they would yell Viva many other things about Mexico.  Another interesting fact was that Miss Universe was from Mexico and more specifically from the Guadalajara, Jalisco.  Guadalajara is actually known for having some of the most beautiful women in Mexico.

The people in Mexico are very warm and friendly.  Once they find out you are not from Mexico they become very interested and ask a lot of questions.  They skip the small talk and get down to business by asking personal questions.  Mexico is very family oriented.  Most of the students here at Tec still live with their parents.  This is very normal here.  They usually do not move out until they get married.

To get around Guadalajara I either use taxi or bus.  During the day I ride the bus which only charges 6 pesos but once it starts getting dark I take the taxi.  Taxi is a more secure and faster method of transportation.  The only problem with taxis is that one has to know how to negotiate with them.  The will always try to charge you more.  You can usually bring the price down by 20 or 30 pesos.   They will also charge you more during the night.  One can also negotiate with small businesses or small stands.

Registering my Visa has been quite a hassle.   I have probably been to the immigration office about 5 times and I still have not been able to register my Visa.  I usually have to wait around 4 hours at the immigration office because it is so busy.   I hope to register my Visa before I have to leave back to Texas.



2 thoughts on “Viva México

  1. Julieta!!!! Como esta Mexico? I’m so ready to leave as well. I miss Mexico. Hope you’re having a blast! I’ll see you soon!

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