Housing in the biggest metropolitan city in South America

Housing— I have to confess that this was one of the hardest things to do for many of the exchange students in Sao Paulo. Most contractual agreements are for one year, and due to the size of the metropolis, long distances could become an issue. I would recommend to any student to get in touch with exchange students from previous semesters. Former students know of good locations and many times their housing arrangements are available for the upcoming new students. That’s what I did before arriving. I was lucky to find this tiny apartment really close to school for about $350 USD monthly. No contract necessary, I just payed the landlord each month.

Sao Paulo, like in any other complex metro, has extremely reduced horizontal space! Everything is built upwards! I lived on the twelfth floor of a sixteen story building. My apartment space was also somewhat reduced compared to my apartment on the Block in Austin. Most living spaces in Sao Paulo city are apartments with washers but no dryers, small kitchens with few and small appliances.

But honestly, who am I kidding?! I only spent the nights at my cozy and homey apartment! I was always out during the day! I was at school, exploring the big metro, hanging out with friends or taking weekend travels!


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