Free Alla Scala, Cheap Football Tickets and More!

La Scala

Yesterday I went to a free showing at La Scala! Typically, they sell less expensive tickets for rehearsals and last minute far away seats. For certain rehearsals and cheap last minute seats, you have to go to the box office earlier and wait in line. For more information on this, visit the La Scala box office located in the metro under the Duomo.

Yesterday, there was a strike scheduled. I actually found out about the event on Facebook. I saw the German opera Das Rheingold for free! For persons who are afraid they will not understand the voices, don’t worry! There’s actually subtitles located on the chairs directly in front of you. The experience was amazing. I had visited La Scala during the day a month ago and saw the opera room from the balcony, and found the room to be quite small, but during the performance last night, the room opened up completely. It was grand, magnificent and every ounce of lively! Be sure to check it out!

Cheap Football Tickets

I got my first football tickets yesterday for AC Milan v. Juventus. Its one of the last games before the finals! You can buy football tickets at banks around Milan. I’m not sure if all of them have tickets, but the Intesa San Paolo on the corner of Bligny and Corso Italia had tickets. They were only 16 euros! I am very excited! The match is May 16 at the San Siro football stadium.

And More!

My final examinations are approaching in less than a month. Compared to all the other European uni’s, Milan is one of the last uni’s to finish. The week of class is the week of the 17th. Final examinations range from June to July. I have awhile to go!


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