Chilly, finally

About a couple of weeks ago, I visited Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.  I decided just a couple of days before that I wanted to go because I really needed a break.  Schoolwork was getting to be highly stressful with projects and essays coming up and so I really needed to get away.  Therefore, when a friend said that she was going to Malaysia, I prudently said that I wanted to go as well.

So, we set off around 10 pm on a Friday night, with a long bus ride ahead of us.  We arrived at Cameron Highlands around 7 the next morning, to chilly air.  Since my arrival in Singapore, I have been longing to feel cold air and finally my desire came true.  Cameron Highlands is on top of a hill and so the air is quite chilly.  The weather made our whole outlook of the day promising.  The first thing we did was go to Starbucks; it seems that we were drawn by its familiarity.

Then, after eating breakfast, we ventured to a tourist agency.  The tour we took was so relaxing and beautiful.  Cameron Highlands is known for its tea plantations and strawberry farms.  We had the opportunity to see both as well as a bee farm and a mossy forest.  I even bought some tea to take home and share with my family.  Cameron Highlands is such a beautiful place with hills on all sides.  The tea plantations on the hills made things even more beautiful.

Since school was nearing an end, all four of us had a lot of work to do and so we decided to leave Cameron Highlands that night, around 8pm.  We arrived back in Singapore around 4 in the morning, tired and ready to take a shower and hop into bed. 

The trip was very relaxing and I was really glad that we only ventured for a day.  I had a major project, a business plan, that was due on Tuesday and so I needed all the time I could spare to complete it.  Also, although the place was so beautiful, there didn’t seem like there was a lot to do.  So, I recommend to everyone that they should visit Cameron Highlands if possible, but it’s not a place where you need to spend a lot of time.

After coming back to reality, I became even more stressed.  I had two projects, three presentations, and two essays ahead of me to complete.  I lost so much sleep and drank so much coffee, it was epic.  The only consolation I had was that so many other students were in the same boat as me.  Now a couple of weeks later, I am glad to say that three of my classes are officially over.  Although, I am not quite sure how I did in those classes, at least there is nothing more that I can do.  I have only one class left, a literature class, in which I have an essay final.  I am very scared for this final and so I have been studying as much as I can. 

I also have to pack and get ready because sadly my stay at Singapore is almost over.  I have my exam on Friday, then I will be leaving on Saturday to go to India.  I am going to miss Singapore so much and all the friends I have made here.  But, I am excited to go to India as I have not been there in five years and I really miss my relatives over there.


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