Easter Break or More Appropriately, the Story of How Venice Spoiled Me

So in Europe, they have this thing called Easter Break. Think of it as our spring break, but way longer. I’ve met people with Easter Breaks as long as 5 weeks to as short as 2. Mine unfortunately, was the latter one. But don’t worry, I still did my fair share of traveling.

I chose to spend my 2 weeks in Italy and Greece. Instead of telling you, how about I show you instead?

Venice: If London is my love, then Venice is the very attractive temptress.

So I started this blog entry with the intention of also talking about Florence, Cecina, Pisa, San Guillermo, Siena, and Rome. But then I realized, Venice ruined me.

You see, Venice is a breathtakingly beautiful city in the warm sunlight (without sun, it is a completely different city). It was so beautiful that one of my fellow travelers would just burst out laughing at the impossibility of it all. Seeing Venice and seeing the sunlight made me one of the happiest people in the world. Everything was perfect. It was as if Venice stole all of the beauty out of the world and placed it in itself. It was cruel and it was unfair. It made me think “meh” when I viewed the Arno River in Florence and the Tiber River in Rome. The rest of Italy was just a pale, poor imitation of Venice.

But then I reached Athens.

Venice, who?


2 thoughts on “Easter Break or More Appropriately, the Story of How Venice Spoiled Me

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