Museums, Birthdays, and School

The past few weeks have been really hard for me.  After coming back from the Philippines, I had gotten food poisoning and so I started to feel home sick.  It’s always when you get sick that you start missing your parents!  And then, I had mid-terms and projects and essays whose due dates were coming up.  All in all, I was really stressed out.  This taught me to prepare earlier for everything, but…

Well, it seems that I have not learned this lesson.  I just got a mid-term grade back, and I was really sad and shocked by it.  It was an essay mid-term.  I realized that I should have prepared more, but I did not realize that my score would be as bad as it was.  I am writing this as a lesson.  It is important to have tons of fun while abroad, but also very important to get some studying done. 

So now that I have given a little bit of my advice to you, I’m going to write about more fun stuff.  Although I had a lot of studying to do, I still took out time to explore and just have a good time.  Here’s just a few things that I did: 

I went to this museum called City Gallery where they had scale models of Singapore.  It was a truly amazing site to see.  There was even a scale model of my dormitory!  After the gallery, we went to a museum called the Red Dot Design museum.  There was so much cool-looking technology.  At the museum, we also had the opportunity to get ourselves drawn by art students.  It was really cool to be kind of in the center of attention with all these artists drawing you. 

This is a drawing of Me!

Over the last two days, my floor (cluster) at my dorm celebrated two birthdays!  A lot of clusters at my dorm seem not to be close with each other, but I lucked out because most of the people in my cluster are so friendly!  Because of the birthdays, I got to have delicious cake on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night.  One of the girls, Heidi, lives in Singapore and so we celebrated her birthday with her family on Wednesday.  It was so nice to meet her family as they were so nice and so welcoming.  They made dinner for us and treated us with so much kindness.  They made me miss my family! 

YAY! Birthday!

Also, on Wednesday, yesterday, I got my hair rebonded (kind of like a straight perm)!  I was so excited for this as my hair is so much more manageable. 

Me Before
Me After

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