Recess Week means Travel Week

It seems as though I have been having more fun than studying while abroad. Well, that is all about to change as it is midterm time. My first midterm was on Thursday and I prepared as much as I could considering the little time I had. Looking back at my study habits, I feel that I can offer you some advice. Yes, being in a new country, it is easy to get carried away and not focus on your studies. However, if I had just done a little bit everyday, then I would not have stressed myself out just a few days before my exam.

Studying for my midterm, I realized how different the structuring of the syllabus is in Singapore. Back at UT, I would probably be getting ready to take my second midterm at this point. However, over here, it seems as though each class only has one midterm. Most of the due dates on my syllabus began last week. If at UT, I would already have turned in a lot of things. Since it is different here, it is important to adjust your mindset. Just because something is not due or the midterm is a month away does not mean that you should not start studying early. Looking back, it would have been very helpful to me if I had followed this advice.

There are many distractions when studying abroad that make you want to study even less. One of those distractions is called recess week which is similar to Spring Break, except it falls in February. It is a week long vacation and a great opportunity to travel. I definitely took advantage of this opportunity. From the 12th through the 20th, I had the opportunity to visit the Philippines! It was an amazing experience. I got to see Manila, the capital of Philippines and I got to go to an island called Boracay. In Manila, I saw malls and ate a lot of traditional food. Here is kind of an itinerary of things I did:

I got to Manila on Friday night along with 5 other girls. One of the girls has family in Manila so we visited some of them. It was so relaxing! We were in Manila two days in which we shopped and visited my friend’s family. Then, on Monday morning, we flew to an island called Boracay (actually, we flew to another island and took a boat to Boracay). It was the most beautiful place I have ever been to. The beach on the island was like paradise and the sunset heavenly. While on the island, we went to the beach everyday, tried a lot of local food, went snorkeling, saw the sunset from a boat, among other things. Then, sadly, on Thursday, we had to leave to fly back to Manila. On Friday, we went to a nearby city where we took a horse ride to see a volcano. It was so beautiful. Unfortunately, all great trips have to come to an end, and so we flew back to Singapore on Saturday. Throughout the entire trip, I got very little studying done because our days were so packed!

Here are a few pictures from the trip. I will try to post up more pictures onto this blog later on.

Amazing sunset from Boracay
Me holding a bat- Yes I was a little scared
The view was AMAZING!

3 thoughts on “Recess Week means Travel Week

    1. Aww…thanks! I was kind of scared at first, but it wasn’t really that scary once the bat was in my hand. I actually felt kind of bad for the bat because everyone was holding it and it had a hole in one of its wings.

  1. It looks like you’re having so much fun!! I’m more amazed at the horseback riding & snorkeling… you’re a real traveler now!

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