Carnevale di Venezia


On Saturday, I adventured into beautiful Venice. It was extremely breathtaking and worth the three hour bus ride from Milan, despite the mounds of cramped tourists.

I left with the Erasmus (Exchange) group around 6:45am. It was rather difficult waking up, but I managed somehow, and continued sleeping on the bus. Around 11:15am, we arrived in Venice. It is beautiful. The only thing that detracted from its beauty were the masses of people every where. I may just return here some time after Carnevale and before summer hits to get a better view of Venice.

Venice is the epitome of how I pictured Italy – small alley ways, aged and brightly-colored architecture, many clothes on clothes lines, and just breathtaking views every where you go. Plus, the bits of romance sprinkled in. I was a happy camper. The only two parts I would complain about are the amount of walking I did (11am to 2am with little rest) and the high probability of getting lost (this happened a couple of times). I suggest you carry a good map of Venice with you. There’s also no road/transportation system once you get inside part of Venice (unless you count the few gondalas), so don’t be surprised when you don’t see any cars and have to walk everywhere (I didn’t realize this until later into the evening).

On the other hand, I felt like I was on a movie set. There were many gorgeous costumes and masks with every turn.

Venetian movie-like atmosphere
One of the many beautiful costumes and masks

There were also many shows and parades that took place. And a multitude of masks to choose from. When you do go to Venice, you must get a mask. They are spectacular!

The many masks of Venice

Instead of another joke to end my post, I will leave you with a beautiful sunset of Venice.

Venetian Sunset

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