Studying Singapore through a visit to the Museum

The greatest thing about studying in Singapore is being able to experience a piece of Southeast Asia!  Just yesterday, I went to the National Museum of Singapore.  Through this visit, I learned about the vast diversity of Singapore.  One of the exhibits I visited was on the history of food.  Knowing that Singapore is a food haven, I was not surprised by this exhibit.  In fact, I was amazed by it.  One portion of this exhibit detailed various spices and we were even able to smell some of them! 

I can still smell the spices!

An exhibit that did surprise me was one about the evolution of bags from paper to plastic. 

Evolution of Bags

My favorite exhibit was about Ancient Egypt.  I learned a lot about the culture and history of Ancient Egypt.  I could not believe that I was actually able to see real artifacts from thousands of years ago! 

An actual MUMMY!
X-rays of the mummies

On the whole, I feel that this museum is a must see.


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