Duomo means cathedral

I still wake up at 3PM. I think it is the blinds that cover my windows. They do an extremely good job at shielding light. It makes 3PM look like 3AM. I need to open the blinds a bit tomorrow and have some natural light come through. Maybe I’ll actually wake up.

Blinds in the apartment
These blinds block out every ounce of day light; hence, perfect pitch dark sleeping environment.

Anyway, I finally got a SIM card for my phone. I got my Motorola phone unlocked through my carrier, so I was able to put a foreign SIM card in. I chose Wind because it seemed popular, but now I’m thinking I should have gone with Tim (another carrier and the most popular). My plan is about 6.50 euro a month (pretty cheap, I think). It includes 120 minutes and 4000 SMS to other Wind mobiles. Non-Wind SMS are 9 cents each. For those who do not speak Italian, the Wind sales representative speaks English — no worries. It is on the corner of Corso Italia and Bligny.

I also finally visited Bocconi. Marco gave Tanya, Agustin, Jenna and I a brief tour. The campus is very small – it’s about 3-4 buildings, much smaller than McCombs and UT. We happen to come across many graduating seniors! I learned Bocconi is the only university in Milan that uses the Laurels (instead of caps) and gowns.

I also got a hot chocolate at Lino’s Coffee. It was literally hot chocolate and whip cream, very thick and rich, and delicious! It got a bit too sweet towards the end. Later, I went to Duomo and bought my first pair of shoes from Zara. They were having a huge sale! I kept telling myself to forget the exchange rate. It made the purchase much easier. Plus, I am no longer in the U.S. Euros are euros!

I got to eat a variety of ham at Salsamentaria di Parma. It was a LOT of ham. By the way, you must request the receipt at the end of the meal, otherwise, you will never get the receipt. And there is a service charge instead of tip — you never tip!

Lena at  Salsamentaria di Parma
Lena at Salsamentaria di Parma

I will be going back to the Duomo tomorrow  to get my metro pass. And to explore in the light.

Duomo at Night
Duomo at Night -- high contrast with the night sky

And to play with the musical stairs!

And the joke of the day (not about the Milan Duomo)..

Why did ancient Romans close down the Coliseum? The lions were eating up the prophets!

Ciao ciao,

Lena Q

**Update — Metro pass

Things you need to get a metro pass (go to the office that says ATM):

  • Passport
  • Letter of acceptance from Bocconi
  • Passport photo – if you need one taken, take a right and then a left from the ATM office.
  • ~27 euro

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