My Body and Mind’s Time Confused Post at 5AM

I have finally arrived in Milano. And I can say, I am culture shocked. And awake at 3:30AM.

My roommate and I left Monday afternoon to London. On the plane, I didn’t really sleep – I recommend people adjust to the time zone while on the plane and try to sleep a bit to help lessen jet lag. I tried, but just couldn’t knock out at all, so I watched a bajillion movies and shows – The Hangover, 500 Days of Summer, part of District 9 (too gruesome for me). But I love technology. The flight wasn’t actually all that bad (maybe because of the technology). And the pilot’s voice was pretty soothing. I just kept picturing Hugh Grant or Jude Law as our pilot…

In London, I realized this is the last time I will probably understand all the signs and the spoken language for awhile, granted even the signs were a bit different (i.e. lifts rather than elevators). And everyone’s charming accents. 🙂

The Heathrow London airport was insane. It was like a huge mall. It had Pink, Gucci, Prada, etc. It was like the Galleria, only with planes. Insane in the membrane.

Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport

After a few hours of sleep deprivation and awaiting the connection to Milan, I finally headed to Milan. The flight to Milan was actually pretty short – roughly 1.5 hours. We flew over the Swiss alps – and they looked pretty darn amazing.

The arrival was smooth. We were able to grab our luggage (6 between the two of us) and skillfully connect them in a line (like a train). My roommate, Tanya (who is also studying at Bocconi), and I called a taxi and headed to our lovely apartment. Once the taxi hit the road, Milan hit me. Imagine San Francisco meets small town, and you get Milan, at least the road that it takes to get to our apartment. If you’d like to check out photos of my flight and apartment, just click here.

Tanya and I
On the plane ride US to UK

List of huge differences (I will focus on Milan, even though I had a few in London):

  • Toilet in the apartment uses a handle where you can control water and pressure of the flush
  • Everyone speaks in Italian – which I will try very hard to learn
  • People drive very quickly and closely on the roads – I am glad I don’t drive here
  • The time difference – I am writing this post at 5AM!!
  • Converting electricity – Roomie blew a fuse – I do not recommend using those 6 in 1 electrical outlets (forgot what it’s called..)
  • Decimals are commas – 3,99 rather than 3.99
  • Euros – boo exchange rates
  • Pizza tastes different

And to wrap up my post, another joke. It is irrelevant to this post.

Two hydrogen atoms walked into a bar. One atom says to the other, “I lost an electron.” The other atom asks, “Are you sure?” and the other atom replies, “I’m positive!”.

Until next time,

Lena Q


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