Count Down

Two more days until blast off. Two more days until I begin my 1/7 world-wide tour, sans the instruments, groupies, and totaling hotel rooms/hostels.

For those going abroad:

At the end of last semester, my roommate and I went to the Houston Italian Embassy to get our visas. If you need an Italian visa, be sure to take a passport size photo, proof of insurance, proof of attendance at UT (unofficial transcript will do), proof of attendance at your study abroad university, proof of flight, and proof of some financial aid while abroad. Oh, and be sure to bring a small paid package  from UPS/USPS so you can get your passport/visa back. That’s what I remember bringing, be sure to check the Consulate website before you go. If you print and fill out the papers on the site, it’s also a bit faster. Our wait was roughly an hour, so not too shabby. But be sure to check their website for their hours of operation!

Starbucks coffee in a Starbucks cup
Starbucks Coffee for the 6AM morning drive to Houston to get the Italian Visas!

Also be sure to make a copy of everything you bring over there, front and back – passport, ID’s, credit cards, etc. In case anything happens, you will be able to have some reference. My mom enrolled our family in an credit card insurance with one of our credit card companies that will cancel and renew any cards of us have in case it is lost or stolen. Just in case..

As for luggage, I took advice from people that had gone before – pack one luggage with everything you need, and one with everything you can keep over there. I’m actually bringing three – two luggages and a travel backpack that will be easy to travel with.

Get your ISIC card – some sites offer discounts on airfare with it. You may also purchase travel insurance with it. I used for plane tickets, rounding my roundtrip tickets to Milan to about $600. is another good site!

Be sure to apply for a study abroad scholarships! The Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship is great opportunity! Visit the site for more details!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email:

Those that just want to know what’s up:

I have everything packed, and I am ready to jet. I have been ready since last Saturday, but my roommate and I had to re-book our flights due to the London weather (where our transfer to Milan takes place). Hopefully this Monday goes smoothly!

Milan didn’t really hit me until after I updated my Facebook status and hugged my sleeping brother goodbye. Now, I am in Houston, awaiting my Monday flight at 1630. To prepare myself for reading non-U.S. clocks, I have set all my  gadgets to military time.  I also set all the weather gadgets to Celcius, but I think I’ll have to work a bit more at conversions. I just know 0ºC = 32ºF.

My next post, I will be outside the U.S. of A. Woot!

Speaking of time and for kicks, why did the man name his dogs Rolex and Timex? They were both watch dogs. :O)



6 thoughts on “Count Down

  1. A quick and dirty way to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit is to multiply the Celsius degrees by 2 and add 30.

    0 is freezing, 10 is [very] cold, 20 is nice, 30 is hot.

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