Stay Strong, UT

Today, I’d like to take a break from writing about my life in Copenhagen and refocus my attention on the community that gave me this amazing opportunity in the first place. In light of the recent Haruka Weiser tragedy, my heart goes out to Haruka’s family and friends. Though I am always hesitant to speak… More Stay Strong, UT

Academics and Alcohol

You might be asking yourself why I am writing one blog post that combines two topics that never end up mixing well. Other than the fact that they both start with the letter “A” which the human brain finds appealing due to the alliteration, American college students believe that alcohol and academics shouldn’t flirt with… More Academics and Alcohol

Je suis Paris | VLOG

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Golbou and I’m a third year Finance major currently studying abroad in Paris, France. Whether you’re reading this as a McCombs student, someone curious about studying abroad, or someone who just loves to travel, I urge you this: if the opportunity is available to you to study abroad… TAKE IT. You need not… More Je suis Paris | VLOG