Mt Cook Adventures

Dunedin is an amazing place for a study abroad experience. Within three hours, you can reach the most beautiful landscapes that will make you question whether they are even real. From beaches, to rainforests, to mountains, to valleys, to rivers, to lakes… New Zealand has it all. The following is about a trip to Mount … More Mt Cook Adventures

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Everyone warned me about ‘monsoon season’ in Southeast Asia, but I never knew how unpredictable the weather would be until experiencing the clear sky to thunderstorm transition that occurs every evening. If you’re not traveling with a rain jacket and an umbrella, no matter how nice it looks outside, you’re doing something wrong. Minus the … More Rain, Rain, Go Away

Choosing New Zealand

Hi Everyone! I’m Natalia and I am currently on exchange at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Since NZ is in the Southern Hemisphere, their school year is flipped (Norther Hemisphere summer = Southern Hemisphere winter) so I started school in July here. I want to share with y’all how I ended up … More Choosing New Zealand