I’ve been thinking a lot about how so much can happen in what seems like such little time. The iconicĀ David Bowie song, “Changes”, said it best: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, Turn and face the strange.Ā  (x) In the past 3 months of living my foreign life, a lot has happened. Good. Bad. Stressful. Amazing. Inspiring. Thought-provoking. Basically all … More Ch-ch-ch-changes

Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

I would say my most common phrase within my first few weeks on exchange in Australia has been, “Do y’all have/do (insert basic American things),” which was usually followed by pure enjoyment at my usage of “y’all.” Celebrating cultural differences and immersing myself into the Aussie uni lifestyle has been a fulfilling, insightful, and educational … More Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable