Boller i Karry

You know when it’s the middle of holiday and everything you’ve done kind of blurs together and you can’t remember what day it is anymore? That’s been the past three weeks here. The Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has kept its students busy with social activities everyday, and the group of Aussies I’ve befriended from the… More Boller i Karry

Tiny Suitcases

Guess what I got for Christmas?  A suitcase!  Actually, it was a set of three suitcases and they are currently propped up in the back of my closet stacked one inside the other like little Russian matroyshka dolls.  My old suitcase was retired after one of its plastic wheels was maimed coming back on a… More Tiny Suitcases

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed stepping off the plane was how tiny I felt. Everyone here is a giant. With everyone towering over my what should be average 5’5”, I found myself conversing with the locals with my neck tilted up at a 45-degree angle. However, the incredible willingness to make me feel welcome has… More First Impressions

One Week In

It’s been exactly one week, four days, and a handful of hours since I arrived in hot and humid Singapore. In one week back home, I could probably binge watch a show on Netflix, workout a little, and have about 20 bowls of cereal; uneventful right? Here though – that’s a whole different story. From… More One Week In