Posted by: Erica | November 25, 2009

Adventure in my Mouth: Case of the Globalizing Tummy

I am a self-proclaimed foodie. In Austin, I unofficially started a dinner club to try different restaurants in Austin. Why would that change in Asia? Everyone, I share with you – all my favorite delicious, mouthwatering, food from HK and my trips in Asia. I hope you’re not on an empty stomach, we are gonna take a journey into the adventures of my mouth.

Hong Kong:
I’ve read somewhere that Hong Kong is actually the #7 place in the world to find good eats. This is so true, there is so much good stuff to find in Hong Kong that I actually gained 5 lbs my first month abroad – eek! Freshman 15 all over again. They have a diverse range of foods and you can get anything from Italian to Korean to Russian. I chose to focus on Cantonese dishes and HK specific foods or this post will be super super super long opposed to super long. Dim Sum is a Cantonese delicacy, street food (pig intestine, stinky tofu), Fried noodles, and won ton soup. When the weather is cold, roasted chestnuts and yams pop up all over the streets.

Dim Sum

Street Food in Mong Kok

Chicken and Mushroom Hot Pot on Temple Street

Wonton Soup, Fried Noodles, and Milk Tea

Roasted Chestnuts and Yams

HK Dessert: Mango in Sticky Rice Coconut Soup and Sago with Green Tea Ice Cream

Taiwan is known for their obsession with cuteness and Hello Kitty – Food is made in her honor!! The entire shop was everything Hello Kitty that you could imagine. They are also big on night markets which we prowled in the evening in their two largest ones – Shi Lin and Shi Da.

Xiao Long Bao at Ding Tai Feng (top rated restaurant in the world)

Hello Kitty Cafe

Shi Lin Night Market

Tapioca Milk Tea originated from Taiwan

I got to meet up with Nancy (also from UT on exchange in Singapore) when I went to Singapore. We went to 328, which on food network was proclaimed the best “Laksa” in all of Singpore. It did not disappoint, but I especially loved the street food on a stick (Carrot Cake was my favorite) and Ice Cream wafers.

Laksa - Coconut Curry noodle Soup

Snack Foods!

Caught in action with an Ice Cream Wafer

Snack foods are a common thing along the streets of Asia so I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mainland China. It started getting cold but I surely warmed up with all the delicious yet spicy snack foods of the Sichuan province. You get to pick what you want and they cook it right in front of you. I still feel the tingle of the spices in my nose.

Street Food - Sichuan Spice

Hot and Spicy Noodles

Mapo Tofu

Dan Dan Mien - Dan Dan Noodles

Rou Jia Mo - Chinese Pork Pizza?

I was lucky to have met up with a friend in the Philippines that I new from high school. He brought us to a local restaurant and ordered authentic Filipino food for us! Overall, the food was incredibly delicious. I infered that Filipinos like their food salty! My favorite dish was the Panang Chicken and Leche Flan, of course :)

Bamboo Plate

Filipinos like to dip their food into this sauce: Vinegar, Soysauce, peppers, and Calamansi (super lime)

Panang Chicken - savory flavor

Saucy Tangkon

Bangus or "Milk Fish"

Leche Flan

Travel Buddies - 4 UT students representing!


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